Meta-Tronicles – July 2013 – Metatronia Therapy The Light Coding Matrix & The Relation to the Gematrian Body of Light

Metatronia Therapy involves the use of light codings brought to us through Archangel Metatron and the One Source/Creator Frequency. The codings work to realign, adjust, rejuvenate, bring equilibrium and much more. But above all this the Energies of Metatronia Therapy work on each person in a unique way. Connecting deep within a person’s DNA/RNA /Generic coding/building blocks of the Human vessel/physical form. It is far more than a healing resonance. It is accelerate ascension and awareness of the Divine light within us that begins to unravel and reveal itself to us the more we trust and open.

Metatronia Therapy is involved in the “creation of the Gematrian Body”. That is the energy vibration/codings of light work to align our physical form with the lightbody matrix (Merkabah System). Releasing us from old codings, programming’s, behaviours etc. The codings assist with the formation of the conscious awareness and thus empowerment of the existence of the Gematrian Body, through sacred geometric codings. Releasing us, reforming, rejuvenation on so many levels. Much is released.

The Gematrian body is the synthesis (“The combining of separate elements or substances to form a coherent whole”) of light formation from the highest vibrational light order that comes down to the human body/form/vessel to prepare it for the overself/higher body/higher light formation and what in turn follows from this preparation.

So if we call it the “Gematrian light force” what we understand from this currently, as Metatronia Therapy is still a very new modality/vibration, we begin to see how the energy/light codings/sacred geometric light signatures work to not only prepare and heal the physical, emotional and mental bodies, but most of the work is done through the Astral/lightbody matrix, bringing purity in form as our vibration is raised, our light frequency altered to that of a much higher resonance.

We have seen how people are expanding, growing, healing, moving, transformation on so many levels. We see how magnificent this energy is in how it literally transforms us, right down to cellular level. There is something happening here beyond linear mind understanding or fathoming! That is this energy brings to us preparatory codes to release us from the shackles of the 3D base/linear mind state. Opening us up and transforming us as we evolve continuously in our expansive vessel of light. We are evolving we can make no doubt about that.

This “Creator Life Force (Gematrian coding) runs through each and every one of us. It is ever present and growing stronger and stronger as we consciously become aware of the expansion, evolution and transformation of Human Beings at this time.

Gematrian codings of light work to raise not only our physical, emotional and mental bodies, but also to raise the vibration within the crystallined light body. For this is where the Gematrian crystallined vibration is held. It does not “physically show up” in the physical body as matter, rather that it is light/vibration/energy formation. The Gematrian light is part of every human being. It is not separate from us. It is what forms our divine coding/ our light frequency.

We see and feel it more when we are in our “alignment”. When we are in our divine space. The sacred geometric codings that work within the Metatronia vibration, that you are opened to when attuned, or receiving healing, open you up to the awareness of the Gematrian light energies. You find your truth, divine truth. You begin to awaken to the light within yourself that is supported by the greater whole. Being one, as one, with all that is. As within so without…I am that I am….

The Gematrian body – the synthesis of light codings are what assist us as we ascend. We become one with the light as we are more consciously living from this knowledge and awareness.

The key is the “conscious awareness and knowledge” that this light formation is within us and working constantly as we are evolving and ascending. To be ignorant of this light and its existence does not assist our ascension process.

This Gematrian light is where we can manifest and create so many things within our physical, earthly life. We are one with the Light of the One Creator life force. The light of the Shekinah (the presence of God) lies within each and every one of us. No one is without. “As within so without”, we repeat again, as within, so without. You are part of all that is. The Oneness, the creator breath, the creator light, you are omnipresent Beings of the One Source Ignited Flame.

We feel the workings and mechanics of this light working with us so strongly now. Though sensations, feelings, tiredness, lethargy, or the opposite vibrations of total bliss, joy, harmonious reunion, immense energy surges, complete overall equilibrium.

When you find the stillness within yourself, the harmony of the light force glows so brightly. When you are out of sync within yourself, you are out of your divine alignment. You are not in balance with the light codings. Your overself/higher self, divine self is always in balance, always in a state of equilibrium. The physical self often pushes against this truth and so a disharmony occurs. Fractions occur and you begin to feel torn or split within your physical form/body/vessel.

The remedy is simple – we are guided by Metatron to find that peace and harmonious state within ourselves, as much as possible. Equilibrium, balance, harmony found from the silence within ourselves. The knowledge of the workings and vibrations of the light within us are what will bring us to our salvation. Knowing of this greater picture, this greater existence is what feeds the lightbody as we join as one with the Gematrian light matrix.

The more you can surrender and let go and just BE the more harmonious and in alignment you will become. This is not complicated. It is your choice, your free will. To push against or to surrender to the greater picture, the divine vibrations.

Through the Gematrian body we are freed up to find our divine creative energy. Freedom becomes ours. No longer shackled by the dense energy of the 3D form and control mechanisms, of what we have perceived life to be thus far. We are connecting to higher truths, higher states of conscious awareness and we know that to journey further we must become unburdened of the shackles and baggage of ignorance and being unaware of the vast, divine, radiant Beings that we are.

We are learning more about the Chakra system and how man believes this to work and truth is being revealed to us about the importance of the energy centers within the human vessel/physical form and how the lightbody matrix, in its rapid alteration recently, into the crystallined matrix, is empowering our energy centers and shifting us in so many ways, unlike ever before.

The Chakra’s we are learning are energy portals, vortices of light through which light force comes through to us to realign and balance. We are moving away from the importance of the individual centers and balancing them, to look at the human vessel from the lightbody perspective. To view ourselves as light and to trust in the harmony that is occurring, as we allow more light to enter our form. If we continue the focus on each individual chakra system we are moving away from the divine truth that we are connected to the One as a whole elemental Being of light and that our chakra system is part of a bigger light matrix that is our Lightbody matrix.

Moving away from looking at why one particular “energy center” is out of balance and what we need to do to fix that one particular center, as has been the focus in the past. For this can bring with it healing yes, but then it also brings with it the uncovering of perhaps some energies that lie there that we may keep there as we are not ready to release them, as they are part of us and we give them home. They make up our identity in 3D physical form and we fear that to let go of them will not help us. This we are moving away from. The need to dissect every aspect of what we feel we need to heal within ourselves, bit by bit, into the way of being healed as a whole vessel, unfragmented, completeness in itself.

We are moving into great release with the light, through the strengthening of the Gematrian body existence, to healing as a whole and not as a fragmented Being.

So the focus is to look at healing the lightbody matrix. Through the use of light codings/Gematrian coding, that comes through as sacred geometric form, as it does with Metatronia Therapy. Healing the lightbody as a whole, the result is an instance sensation that is brought down to the physical, emotional and mental bodies, as these are of “man in 3D physical/earthly form” and to bring balance to this form, so that it begins to live from more light. Holding onto and maintaining more light in itself can be felt as uncomfortable at first and we are guided through our healing journey to “feedback” to Metatron to “ease up” or to “increase” or to bring equilibrium during the healing stages. For they hear us and they acknowledge us. If they don’t gather feedback, they will continue as they do…so feedback is vital.

We are moving to treat the human form/vessel as a whole light matrix and not to focus on the individual chakras as we have done.

“To heal we must look at the whole. Not dissect or fragment but to heal in completeness. Healing & alignment of the whole vessel, as one form, for we are complete”.

“For you are light first and foremost. As one within the Universe, as important as the stars that you view in the sky above you. Your presence is magnificent. You are not of set limits. You are omnipresent. It is only yourself that binds you to yourself. Free the mind of all thoughts of all limitations, open to the concept of no boundaries or shackles around your earthly form. Remove all doubt that you struggle, for that is just a set belief within yourself. Find the peace in stillness and silence. Find the truth within yourself that is found from silent word. We are among you and we bring to you divine truth. To free you once and for all. For you to know divine truth as it stands without dilution”.

The Gematrian Body exists. It is our truth. It is what we are connected to more consciously when we are attuned to the light of the One, through Metatronia Light Codings. You begin to unravel from within, unburdening, releasing, transforming as you begin to feel your truth revealed to you. Simplistic in form. No boundaries, the light of the one flows through you, for eternity.

Words can be words and never really reach the statement they are trying to portray. With Metatronia Therapy we feel and we experience, that is our truth. From the transformation that occurs there are not words enough to describe other than to experience. Journey well, ever more closer to your divine truth.

“Seek and you shall find…be still and know…..surrender, trust, believe and be open, so very open, to receive”.

Tammy Majchrzak

4th July 2013

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