Meta-Tronicles – Endless Light Upon Us – October 2013

Endless Light Upon Us
“I  know the light flows through me
I know that light is there
I know that through the silence
The energy lays bare
The truth of all existence
The vibration of the stars
My beating heart in unison
With all I am a part
A part of all that just is
A part of all that was
In unison, the heart is one
With sun, moon, earth and stars
Never am I lonely
Never will I fear
For the light of the One
Does shine upon
And endlessly is near
In moments I may I falter
In moments when I’m down
I know that I am one with all
eternity abound
The light is shines upon me
The light it shines on thee
So never fear, its always here
Oh light of eternity”.

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