Light Emergence


Yesterday I was in the garden preparing for the winter months ahead. As I was cutting back the Ferns I noticed a little Caterpillar on the floor under the Ferns. I scooped it up and placed it in a dish with some vegetation etc. and placed it in the back room where it was warm. In the morning it had shed its outer skin and was in a deep sleep. This really felt quite poignant to me in that over the last few weeks I had been feeling and sensing a “shedding of the skin” type experience. Letting go of layers upon layers and what was emerging underneath all the “stuff” was something very divine and “infinite”. Something that didn’t need the old stuff and labels, old designs and controls. Something that just is, in this very moment. Something that is so infinite and magical that it took my breath away. I was looking at life from a place beyond any form. I was looking from a place without structure and restriction and I began to see how the mind had been used as a sort of house to hold all the memories and identity.

I was told  “you are no longer identity, you are freedom in form“. This made my heart race. This was so freeing and I felt totally unburdened. I realised how there can be “trappings of the mind, and programmings that we live from have lived from, do live from, and that we no longer need this to identify us. That we can fully surrender into the magnitude of source, start creating, manifesting and write our own journey. Be at the wheel, allow ourselves to just surrender into the arms of Source and let it flow “let it flow to you,  as it will, unhindered”.  To begin to flow, and be like a leaf on a breeze. Just effortlessly flowing and consciously living as one with Divine Universal order. It feels very magical indeed. I want to say it is so tangible but that would not be the right word….but it feels as if I can literally reach out and touch this energy – Source.

I was realising that we do not have to be all the stuff that we think we are that we have accumulated along the journey of life up to this point, but that we can let go, unburden, allow the light in to shine and release that which is no longer required as we evolve into our higher conscious Beingness. That we do not have to be the old ways or harbour or hang onto and have that which we think we are, be who we are in the many muddled up and layered existence, and that we are designed so divinely so to be “momentary” Beings. We are not designed to hold onto and be that which we think we are, but to totally let go and emerge as a Being that just is, and is free from all the ties that have binded us and kept us in the dark.

Source is assisting our very light evolution. We are experiencing so very vividly the brightness of this divine light as it illuminates our very soul. We are feeling the great awakening and shift more and more. This is not something to be believed in or held away from us as separate or to be “attained”. This is the very mechanics of the Universe, working right into the heart and soul of mankind. A very ongoing and “alive” vibrational evolutionary process that cannot be denied. Part of our journey is the awakening to this divine truth, as it resides and works in the very heart of man. Through the light codings of Source we are expanding into the truth of who we are. For we are altering at the very core of our being, through and as one with the very core of all Creation. Assisted by the hand that created all things, the very hand is assisting our process as we are experiencing and waking up to our light advancement. 

I then began to contemplate the following thoughts:

“Why is this happening right now, why not before now?”

This is the time of “Light Emergence”. Mankind is now ready to fully awaken to the reality of Source and all the divine dynamics that entails. Source is constantly and physically connecting and working “diligently” with humanity at this time, which has come to a pinnacle, a great and high point. Energies are running high as the recalibration is in process. Soon the old ways and structures/wiring of the mind will not be able to function as there will be new mind-mapping in place (the best way that this can be described), new links within the brain system/wiring that functions purely from Source without the “intervention” of the human thought process (releasing of the separation/separated identity). Those whose “vessel” (body) has already taken on this new light “consciously” are already “functioning” in this way, from this new wiring, new program, new “hard-drive”.  For those where there is some resistance still, those who choose to slumber, this may take time but mankind’s light emergence will come to conscious fruition. 

“So were we not ready before?”

It is not so much that you were not ready, it is more so about divine timing. All is part of a divine plan and ordered universe. Mankind’s ascension, his light evolution, is part of this divine plan, order and structure. This is why you are feeling it more and more, and so tangibly so. There are some aspects that are not open to or that mankind is privvy to, rather he is experiencing this vibrational shift and sensing something is altering in the very air around him and within his very geneticism. 


“As the Caterpillar undergoes the alteration in form, structure and design to the most equisite of forms, so to is mankind experiencing a similar shift. He is awaking and will be reborn unto and into his true divine design. That which he will experience through vibrational expansion and light emergence.

“The time is approaching for that which is truly divine to be revealed in all its glory”. 

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