Source – Un”conditional” Love


Source light does not not demand from us or work to rigid rules. Source does not work from controls. That is the human way. Source does not expect anything from us, other than for us to be open to the fullness, truth, beauty and divinity that we so are and to awaken to all of that truth through our vibrational alignment. That is all it asks. For us to know that we are divine creations and that divinity is with us before and at the very moment of our “concept-ion”. Source loves you unconditionally. Without condition. For it knows you only and always as the divinely designed, beautiful essense of Source that you are.

Source does not demand from us to be a certain way  in order to ascend. That is a human condition. Source is open to all who are open to receive. It expects nothing other than for us to be aware that we are awakening to the truth of who we are. Source works through such simplicity. A force and Energy that is not at the hands of humans to distort or control. It is a vibration that cannot be “man-ipulated”. And at the same time it is a vibration that is unfolding within us, before us, assisting us, right down to the very core of our being. Breaking through the barriers and misguided realities.

Conditioned beliefs are something that mankind must let go of in order for divine truth and wisdom to be felt, known and experienced. Source assists you in unveiling all that you are, releasing you from the vibrations that no longer serve. Source will assist you in believing in you, for you to feel and live from the true and divine essence that you are. This is what we feel as we become vibrationally aligned. This is a dynamic of Source, the ascending pathway. The coming up and unveiling of our true resonance. That which can be masked by conditioning and beliefs. Source is not a belief, condition or notion. Source is.

The light works with you to raise your vibration. Without condition, Source enables us to experience all that we so truly are. Archangel Metatron, through Source, is assisting mankind at this time to awaken to vibrational truth, vibrational alignment, vibrational awakening and this is done so simply, so unconditionally, so divinely.

Source is the omnipresent light that shines forever bright, that is the essence of all that is created. It is the light that assists as we shift and awaken. It is the all encompassing, conscious intelligence from which all things are formed and it is this light that silently works with us to bring monumentous changes and shifts.

This light is concerned not with ego, nor is it concerned with us having to prove something. It is ever present in all that we do. Our conscious awakening to this greatly enhances the connection and magnificent transformational ability that Source can bring us. It does not work through rigidity and concepts. It is beyond all form that man can distinguish or label. It is the force and light beyond any measure.

In our surrender we begin to fully awaken. (Our surrendering means to “give up all that we think we know and to allow that which is to be revealed unto us).  A handing over of structures and beliefs, allowing the vessel to become filled with the pureness of light, in its glorious silence, all will become known.

“This is not a learn’ed practice. This is a trusting and expansion into the Light”

The moment you begin to understand that Source will bring all that to you which is a vibrational match, there is no one that can say to you that you need this or you are not good enough or you need to do that. That is a total mis-concept-ion.  As our trust grows with Source, we begin to let go of things that we feel we needed or may need, and open ourselves fully to that which Source has in line to already bring us.

You see, you are already so divinely designed to be all that you already are, as you awaken and align to your true vibration. This means letting go of that which no longer serves. And in this there is actually nothing you need to do or prove, other than to surrender to the process of you discovering all of who you are, when Source reunites you with your divine truth and it does this through vibrational alignment/Frequential light.

You do not require anyone to tell you that you are not good enough or that you have to go away, work through some stuff and then they will see if you are then ready before you can join something or be attuned to something or be ordained in something. If you so choose that rigid path, to prove yourself, then that is your choice, but this may lead to a point of lack of self worth and can be quite damaging when someone says to you, that you are not yet good enough. There is a far easier and more loving way. To work directly with Source. It does not demand, it will not judge and you may be pleasantly suprised how easy it is to uncover that which you already are as you connect and uncover, right from within your own vessel (body). This is the work that Archangel Metatron is here to assist us with. To uncover the beauty and divinity of who we are and all the gifts that will unfold for us.

Source says to you that you are good enough, for anything that you so choose to be or do and as you open and trust it will unite you with your soul purpose, that which you are designed to be. Guiding you home to that which you are.

Source says that you are already open to receive anything that you so wish for or so desire. You just have to believe and above all believe in you.

Source will never judge you or ask you to become someone or something that you are not.

Source already sees you as the divine creation that you are and has a wish for you to be able to express the fullness of who you are, through your vibrational alignment.

Source only asks that you trust enough in opening and expanding, allowing Source to realign and awaken truth to you through your own vibrational shifting.

You are a vessel of pure Source. So seek not outside of yourself to be accepted by others or to allow others to make you feel less than you are. For there are no controls when working with Source. It is the light divine, the unconditional love and truth that will bring you home.

“Among you there are those that are here to assist this awakening journey and are holders of the eternal light and eternal wisdom. These lightbearers work only from truth, work only from love, work only from Source. They have the ability to transform and transmute through the light of the One and are here to bring the true light to humanity through vibrational shifting. It is time for the truth of light to be restored fully within Humanity and the time for that light to vibrate fully upon the Earth”.


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