Metatronia Therapy -Source Dynamics

Metatronia Therapy is Source Frequency. It may be termed as “Electromedicine” (healing through Source Light electro-magnetism). It is Quantum vibrational Light assisting the preparation of the Human vessel (form) for Ascension.
The light received from Archangel Metatron aligns you with the Divine light and conscious vibration of One. Separation becomes unification throughout all living systems. Metatron re-unites you with your Soul Song and re-ignites the flame within, aligning you with your divine truth and the glory therein. MT is not solely a hands on healing energy. It works through physical and distant application.
The vibrational integration is formed from the intelligent and most conscious life Light (the encoded light from which all is created). Metatron is assisting the re-integration with “Divine Wisdom” that “vibrationally” restores and alters the physical vessel back into its divine body of light through ethereal and chemical interaction and restructuring”.
Metatronia Therapy is not bound to energy healing. It has a unique purpose that is here at this time to assist the light evolutionary process for mankind, and is beyond measure. Those that feel ready to embark on their ascension journey may feel drawn to this vibration. There are great transformations that take place when receiving healing or becoming attuned to MT. Trust, believe and be open to receive, in your divine surrendering to the Light of the One.
MT is involved in the Bioenergetics* (‘*energy flow through living systems’) – the Energy transformation with the human system from connection with higher light vibrational codings thus aligning the human vessel with the true light blueprint required for Ascension.
There are many ways, perhaps, to explain the process and “mechanics” of Ascension, however, with Metatronia vibration it is all kept very simple. As your vibration shifts you begin to feel the greater connection to Source and the myriad of support and transformation that brings to the Vessel.
We cannot quantify or measure Source as the exact mechanisms are unknown from a linear perspective. What is known is that as your vibration begins to shift and align, a whole new level of light and life experience is opened before you, as you begin the journey to your true awakened vibrational state. Truth is what you feel, and what you feel becomes your truth. Source unveils the truth to us through our vibrational experiences.
“At the direction of the El’Ohym, Metatron creates and generates the sacred geometrical Light Codings of the Ascension Programs for Humanity’s Return to Source at this time. Metatronia Therapy re-aligns you, as an extension of Source energy that you are, to your original Source Frequency. As well, as reintegrates the Metatronic Consciousness within you and corrects the electron spin field, to pure positive energy. This then aligns one to anchor and embody the Divine Light of the One that you truly are, within the holographic matrix. Metatron aligns, corrects and unwinds the perceptions of the mind that has perceived the self as separated and fragmented, and offers an accelerated opportunity of re-alignment to the Pure Inscription of Light of Source that you are”.
This divine Vibration is involved in the light evolutionary energy transformation mankind is experiencing at this time and is ever altering, ever expanding, ever aligning us. The frequency does not allow us to stagnate. As you surrender to this vibration it assists you as you shift higher into becoming “Divine Being of Light”. Your true source essence is revealed unto you.
Your part in this is the surrendering and expanding, aligning and awakening journey. Right now is exactly the right time. When you are receiving healing or becoming attuned there is a vibrational union that connects you to the true light that is Source. This light is always shifting in line with the Divine Universal law and order.
This is “Light preparation of the Human Vessel” in all its forms. We are awakening to a new state of being, a higher, conscious awareness of the greater reality. The truth that we are becoming as we open to the dynamics of Source.
The healing frequency is only but a small percentage of what the Frequency is about. Healing the self, healing others through linking with Metatron and Sacred Geometric Codings. There is greater transformational work going on within the self bringing about many changes on all levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Aligning your Soul Core Resonance. This occurs through “Vibrational Light embodiment regenerative stages”. For some this is very swift, for others it may take a little time. There must be a time of surrendering, to just allow, to just be, to allow Source to make itself known to you, above and beyond the carnal/egoic structures of man. For your true light exists beyond restriction.
“The truth of light will be known to those who truly seek”
“What you class as “healing” is more so vibrational alignment. Within your becoming vibrationally aligned your vessel (body) in all its physicality (mental, emotional, physical, ethereal) becomes at- one within itself within the Universe. You become aligned. Within the source light is a myriad of unique energetic “prescriptive” elements specifically “entwined” for your unique formation. This light encompasses “elemetal” inscriptions that assist what may be misaligned or requires “rebooting/replenishing” within the living system. This we apply to you through the Light of Source”.
Through the link with Source coding – Archangel Metatron is catapulting many into their true soul state of being. You are coming into your divine power/essence/true soul source activation. You are being opened to a magnificent journey of the self, opening, letting go, shedding, undressing, release from old programmings, old behaviors, control aspects, ego aspects, linear mind, structures, control and blockages. Spontaneous healing of the many bodies within the physical vessel (body). The challenge perhaps is your divine surrender and devotion to your own soul path and journey.
“This Therapy is much more than what many term “energy healing”! It is not “energy healing”. It is alignment to Source”. – Valorie Farber – Metatronia Trustee –
Tammy Majchrzak
Metatronia Foundation of Light
October 2016

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