A Time for Time to Change


Time does not stand still as we ourselves do not stand still. Time alters as we ourselves alter, in how we are and the things we do. There are changes upon all of us currently as we are going through swift transitions. Allow your vessel to be placed where Source has designed you so divinely so, to be placed. You are not here to stagnate, as time does not stagnate. Your vessel in its divine designed is made to shift and align further on its awakening journey.

Many relationships are altering, people moving in different directions, all at the grace of the Divine. Wherever life takes you, however you journey, embrace this moment and remember all that has got you to the point that you are now at as you have trusted and been open to receive.

In loving abundance Source supports all that you do and will open many exciting avenues. Aquaintences may move on, systems alter, the past is the past, the future we know not yet of, but what we are aware of is this very now moment, and in this moment there are endless possibilites entwined with great shifts and alterations in every part of our life, in every cell of our being.

Time as we know it is altering, great shifts are upon us, vibrations may alter between associates, friends, family, but all is in the line with your divine alignment. So if things are altering try not to hold on, just go with the divine flow as there is truly transformation and transition occurring. In your release and trusting, without expectation you can begin to more comfortably align to the divine.

It may feel as if you are holding on for dear life not wishing for things to alter, but there has to be change and transition as that is part of the divine mechanisms of ascension. So relax, fear not, allow yourself to expand into the vibrational alterations.

There is so much growth occurring vibrationally that many may feel as if they are losing something or someone. Or perhaps you feel a change in a relationship but are not sure why. Source will bring you to exactly where you need to be and for you to experience exactly which you are to experience. So any “uncomfortableness” that you may be feeling is a time of embracing that which is becoming. Something new, something vibrant, something further aligning you. It is not a time to hold onto the past. It is a time to embrace the very now.

Embrace the true wonder that is you. Embrace your becoming. Embrace your awakening for time itself as we know it is shifting in line with the Stars.

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