Handing over to Divine Intelligence

Don’t give up. When there are times you may feel disparaged or if nothing is going to plan or your expectations fall by the wayside. This is the time to truly hand over and trust. It has been said to us from the very moment we connected with Metatron. To trust, believe and be open to receive.

No one is asking us to stick to a specific plan, that there must be rigidity. That we must have expectation. If we live from these old mechanisms we are surely going to feel disparaged. It is now, more so than ever before, a time to align with the great mystery…..and that mystery being the divine plan and order that is around everything. That moves through everything, that is everything. That mysterious mist, the magical wave, the abundant light, the eternal consciousness, the nothingness that is the all, the great core intelligence that commands the Universal spheres.

It is ok if something is not working or flowing as we wished it might. For there is a time where we can truly begin to hand it all over. We do not need to move the wheel. We can, in our divine surrender, begin to truly open to the great divine mechanisms of the Universe. To open to Source. Allowing Source to move those cogs for us. We can begin to still our mind and let Source assist.

If something is not working allow there to be a time of stillness and nothingness, a stop gap, allow that divine, infinite, glorious light to just flow, without our planning or our ordering. For it already is in motion, the great plan and order. Don’t keep pushing from that linear place. Allow the intelligence of Source to truly place you where you need to be, in all aspects, physically, mentally, vibrationally, spiritually.

If you are troubled or in a place that feels stuck, now is a time to hand it all over, no thoughts, no thinking, just let there be a time of stillness….and in this stillness there will be something very magical that occurs.

Vibration is constantly moving. Nothing stays the same, always in a forward and positive motion. Like life, as something comes to an end, there is always something beyond that which is no longer. An endless spiral of light, feeding, loving, assisting, nourishing and guiding us, from a place beyond the carnal structures.

We are living in a time where we have gifted to us, the opportunity to begin to understand from a vibrational perspective, who, what, why, all of this, about ourselves and more. The very heart of us is altering deep down into the DNA. A chain reaction that has been spurred on by light infusion. Many aspects of our old self is altering and we can feel this, and so why do some fear the change? If something is not working it is not a failure, it is just pointing you to moving forward, ever positive, opening and surrendering to the divine light intel that is waiting for us to truly align. We align as we surrender. No longer having to pull or push the wheels, allowing the cogs to be taken care of by Source.

Words don’t cut it as there is limitation in vocabulary and some things just cannot be explained. What is known is that we are altering and in our handing over we are moving well on the path of ascension.

So those moments when you feel disparaged, or feeling stuck or stagnating, perhaps this is a time to just smile and know that the universe is calling out to you to truly let go. Allow the light…..in all its glory……that is for only you to do, to trust…….no one else can do this for you.

It is a time to hand over the mental body mechanics and open up to the magic of the heart. Are you ready to fully trust?

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