Energetic Shifts – Archives – 2012

You are all experiencing great energetic shifts/fluxes presently more so than usual. The human form is coming into grounding of a higher frequency. A frequency that can no longer be home or be harbour to lower energies, lower moods, lower vibrations. The mental, emotional, physical, mental and pain bodies are all experiencing these fluxes, perhaps emotions/sensations/pains hightened, at a period of immense lows for some of you. Your physical form and the make up of it, the codings within are being raised so that you are existing more from the 5th Dimension.

Some may take a time to reach equilibrium within this 5th Dimension freqeuncy but it is occurring across the whole of mankind. The more you surrender to the process the easier it shall be. The more you fight it the longer it will take for you to reach the equilibrium state within this higher dimension. For you it is not so much a “physical” place, more of a feeling, a dwelling place within the physical form where the ethereal bodies are connecting more so to the higher dimensional frequencies of reality. So you will FEEL more so than actually be somewhere else…although you will be somewhere else vibrationally as you are lifted up. This is not complex…it is for you to understand that you are being raised in your FREQUENCY.

VIBRATIONAL ADJUSTMENTS necessary as mankind is being shifted into the higher dimensions of the 5th states of reality/existance. This is not to be feared. A process that has been ongoing for many lifetimes. Why are you feeling it more so now? Because of the frequency, because of the ability you have already found in raising of your own consciousness to that which is in line with the higher realms. We salute you on your journey but a further still to venture. Be still and know. Be home in your light, bring forth this light and shine. Through the trials and discomfort you may be experiencing through the energetic shifts, perhaps in the pain and emotional bodies…we ask that you do not look for explanation of such but to trust that part of the emotions and the pain body disharmonies are due to the energy fluxes. The 3D bodies making one last play to keep their control. Allow your light to spring forth, trusting and although you may not know all that is occurring we ask that you trust for you will FEEL and in feeling you will know…..still a while to go but we ask for your trust as you have been, and your surrender as you have been, and the letting go and knowing that you are safe, secure and loved so very much for your trusting above anything that to which you know…but you feel….we honour you…we honour you journeying and trusting and we will bring you to that place to which you seek within yourself. The journey has begun….

(Tammy Majchrzak 24th September 2012).

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