Awakening from Slumber

Is Mankind altering or just awakening to the truth?
Is it because of our awakening from deep slumber and the altering in our consciousness that we are now opening the gateway to the truth of who we are, through vibration, through our divinity, through our divine connection as one with Source?
Or is it that we are living in a time when much is occurring on an ascension level more so than before?
Is it due to the raising of our consciousness that we are now open to so much more, and feeling this on a very physical level because our vibration has been raised?
Or is there a divine hand that is assisting us. The divine wave of One Source light that assists all.
Are we in the midst of the pinacle of our Light Evolution? Or are we just more aware? And does this awareness unlock great mystery? Like a divine jigsaw all being put into place.
Has this always been around, we just have not been in the right consciousness frame to be able to experience?
Is it because of the wave of higher consciousness is sending a ripple that is expanding and increasing the ascension codings?
Is it a point in time, divine timing that all this is coming to fruition? An exact point in time or has it always been available?
Is it all about divine plan and ordered Universe?
Or is it that we are only now just truly awakening?
Is there anything new under the Sun or are we just more consciously aware?
Is it through our awakening that we are moving more swiftly on our ascending journey?
There may be many avenues but there is only one Source. And this Source is what we connect to and what is awakening us, however we journey, whatever we do, however we do it, wherever we venture, whatever our interests. Ultimately our journey is to awaken to divine truth and to feel it in all its glory above the glamour, ego, dressings and labels.
Is it because we have taken the step to expand into our divine consciousness that we are being shown more and more…matching like with like….Unification…recalibration….all in line with divine order?
Is it that in our divine surrendering we make it more possible to feel the ascension expansiveness and connection? As we have handed over and given up old ways.
Is it all in the vibrational shifting, all in the vibration, and as this rises so to does our experience and journey with Ascension?
Has it always been there, and it was just up to us to awaken? and as we take that conscious leap we become aligned to the divine codings that are a key to our divine truth. The reason why we are, who we are and what we are.
We will all have our own belief systems and controls, and ways of explaining, but ultimately above anything that we do, sense, feel, experience, there is a divine plan and order in place. There can be only ONE… and when the world wake up to this there will be greater unity, greater peace, more love flowing freely, joy, harmony and abundance.
In the fractured society where over many years there has become a great divide espeically through what you call “Religion”. When all look to the One Light then there will be greater unity and peace bestowed on Earth. When this will occur, will it ever be so? The answer dwells in the heart of mankind.

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