Ascension Mechanics – Pain Body & Resistance



Why do we sometimes feel pain in the physical body when we are embarking on our ascending journey?

Pain can be a sign of resistance. A sign to show you that something is out of alignment. Of course there can be a medical explanation, but that to the side, along with genetics, when we look at aches and pains in the physcial to do with ascension we are looking at some kind of resistance.

You would think that as we embark on our conscious ascension journey that it would all be a bed of Roses and we would feel totally and 100% fantastically aligned! This is not so. For some perhaps it is a bed of Roses but for the majority we are feeling the density shifting and there is a little turbulence as the mental body/egoic state is not wishing to play ball. If we did not feel then there would be nothing to awaken to.

Let’s face it, we have come and are accustomed to, living from the mental body. The thought led reality. Our lives have become governed by our thoughts and we have become a society that is fed through technology and constant mental processing. If there was no discomfort would you move through? It is the resistance that causes these sensations. Release the resistance, open to your truth.

Emotional Body

The emotional body will not lie to you. It will show you when there is misalignment and or when you are off the path. The Emotional body may be very fired up at this time, as the vibration is being taken on within the physical body. The Emotional body does not like too much change, as it does not like to lose its identity, along with the mental body, it does not like to lose its control. What is altering is that there will no longer be too much reliance on the emotional and mental bodies as our vessel becomes aligned there will be a settled vibrational reality that is no longer fed or exists through emotion or mentality, separation, but becomes unified and aligned as divine consciousness. No density or that which feeds that density can dwell in the higher light domain.

Technological Interference

Our light may come into resistance with media, constant barrage of thoughts and society itself. That is, things are moving so fast, we often wonder if they are moving in the right way. Are we losing our way?  We are ever moving forward and yes, technology can create distortion in our vibrational field so it is important for us to take time out, away from the maddening crowd, seeking that deep inner solace, the place above all the technology, computers, phones etc. They can interfere with that which is so divinely felt, in the deepest stillness and silence. Mankind however, above the technological advancement, needs to look internally to advance himself within his own consciousness, to enable the full awakening. To which there will be great gifts in store, great manifestation, great creation. We must have time therefore away from all the distractions, to feel that deep inner peace and divine connection. To recharge with divine Source. The every day machinery and technology do interfere with our natural light rhythm and this in itself can cause disruption in our energy/vibration field. The moment we connect to the stillness and silence of Source we feel instant rejuvination. We will learn a great deal from this simplicity.

Why Do We Feel Some Vibrational Conflict?

As we begin the ascension journey there can begin a conflict with the old way of being and the new light that is shining, shifting and altering. Headaches in particular can be a sign of a great shift, but there is conflict within the physical, kind of holding back and hindering our expansion journey. Why is this so? One explanation of sorts is that the conflict itself is causing the misguided reality and wanting to hold onto this state of being, state of mind.

Source, the infinite mind,  guides us that we are moving into a time where we do not have to think for ourselves. We can begin to live in the divine surrender and trust in the infinite, divine plan and ordered Universe. This is not about being brain washed or giving up anything, it is about awakening to all that we are and all that we are connected to. The great magnetism.

So are we moving out of the abilty to think altogether, or is it that our mental state is shifting?

It is more so that the mental state is shifting and conflict can arise when there is resistance, restriction. The way to move past this is to release the act of thinking and solving from a separated level. As you are infinitely connected to Source, allowing Source to be your guide. So the act of self sorting becomes a surrendering to the eternal light, that is the eternal mind. This in itself takes a physical action by the individual to trust in the infinite structures of the Universe. That it is here to serve and support us. We are altering in our state of being, dissolving into infinite light.

Why am I not feeling connected? Why am I not feeling anything is shifting? 

Release expectation. Release the mental state and just be, there you open to the infinite and allow it to feed you as it will. Surrender is not easy, but the moment that you surrender to surrender can be the most freeing moment you will ever encounter. Allow self love to pour through the divine heart. Allow yourself to be loved by yourself as this ultimately is the love of the One. One as One. Anything is possible, in your divine surrendering you are opening up to the infinite.

Why can there be pain/discomfort?

When you are acting, being and living from a forced reality, that is not your true resonance and so there is a falsety, a weakening in the connection. When you are aligned and in balance with your true resonance/vibration, then there is a lessening of the physical symptoms such as pain, emotion, mental distortion. You are not working against yourself, against divine flow.

You become a more balanced Being. You become aligned. The human form is altering vibrationally and it can no longer hold density. These are the lower frequencies such as anger, jealousy, hate – and more –  all the emotions and sensations that bring dischord, they do not fit in your vibrational sphere and so they cause distortion and this can bring discomfort. It is about living from your true vibration and releasing the density, so that you can live vibrationally aligned where there you connect to the infinite, eternal flow of ONE. An electrical wiring – if it has the incorrect flow going through it, will not work correctly and may stop working altogether until the voltage/flow is corrected. We are not disimilar, as vibrational Beings, our vibrational alignment is key. Release the resistance, constraints and surrender into divine flow.

Infinite Flow

When you are in infinite flow there is great alignment, greater connection. No distortion, nil resistance, no pushing, no forcing, your true vibration is just that, flowing. You are coming to realise that your vibration is key and alignment of that vibration is the greatest key to ascension.

This is nothing new, this has been talked about over eons. Exercising this is what opens us up to the greatest truth, that we are infinite Beings of light and are moving into our divine blueprint. It has been mentioned before that this cannot be layered upon layers of old conditionings and behaviours and so there must be work that is done on a personal level. To assist in the great shift. To become consciously aware of thought processes and opening up to surrendering.


Yes there will be toggling, back and forth, moving a little further then pulling back to the place that is safe. Ultimately what will occur is great surrender where the mind gives over to the heart and its infinite knowing, beyond all knowledge. There may be springing back like an elastic band, to the place that feels comforting for us. A place we know. Retracting. The energy begins to pull us higher and we can feel this, and in our handing over we begin the release from old ways, and allow the divine expansion into the all.

Release the Resistance

So releasing the resinstance is key. When we feel some of that “uncomfortableness” it is a time to allow ourselves to release any thoughts and programmes that are running, and just to be and breath into the great expansive nothingness! That void that is all encompassing, that may be a little daunting at first, but as we expand and expand further we become one with the ALL. Beyond limitation, beyond controls, a free Being of light.

Words Don’t Come Easy

There are no words to fully encompass the ascension journey but when we begin to open to the truth that we are vibration, then we begin a great journey of expansion and awakening into the truth of who and what we are, and the many gifts that are shown to us, as we embark in our divine surrendering, the path of attaining our truth.

Eternal Wisdom

Let your vessel (body) talk to you and show you. When there is resistance, pain then this is a time to relax and let go. Take time out. Focus on the nothingness, the eternal beingness, just being. Allow your vessel to be recalibrated with eternal light, eternal knowledge, eternal connection. Let there be a gap, a break in your vibration and thought process so that your vessel can be recharged in positivity, in love, moving in the direction of divine and infinite flow.

The divine light is there to behold us, to assist our ascension journey. It will light and guide our way every step of the journey, which at times we may take a step back. The key lies in the knowing that we are all part of the divine and ordered Universe and there is an eternal light so bright that will shine the way. All things are connected to all things.


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