Above the Glamours


Above all the scriptures, writings, channelling, guidance, above all of this lies pure Source. And it will speak as divine truth to you through vibration. It does not work through glamours or labelling. Inner Light Sensation is your verification. What you feel as the most divine vibration is absolute truth. What use are words when you cannot feel? What use are promises if it is not truth? Humanity is moving into a new wave of communication. That which is from the heart. That which is silent. That which cannot be quantified. For there is much ego surrounding spirituality. Much game playing. Much ego boosting. That which is divine lies above the carnate. Above linear structures. Above competitive vibrations. Above egoic Function. Above illusion. For Source does not exist through dressings. It dwells only in absolute truth. Which lies far from glamours. When the ascending journey begins all is stripped away leaving the mind as a conduit for divine light connection and not as it is currently being used as a strengthener for separated consciousness and disillusion. Go within and seek that which already lies there. Source connects to you constantly. Truth comes from within as it flows from the divine eternally as part of your Being. As you surrender unto the light you will encompass all that is. In divine surrender. You Do not require identity to form who you are, or to make who you are. Mankind has formed layers of identification which only serve to bring him further into separation. Do not fear the magnificence that you already are. Source always serves you and will continue to serve you. The only request perhaps, is that you begin to trust in the revealing and unveiling of your true self.

“Ego is the immediate dictate of human consciousness.” – Max Planck

“An ego leads itself into the depths of disconnection whilst knowing itself as fundamentally faux.”


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