Source Divine


I believe in an absolute divine truth and that truth is beyond all. It cannot be measured or quantified for it just is. That truth is beyond what we term religion and spirituality. It is the One, the All. It is all truth beyond individualised beliefs. It is the One vibration that is all things. It is what all stems from and is created from. It is Source. I have known this ever since my incarnation on this earth, within this human vessel/vehicle. Which felt the contrast the moment I took that first breath. Many feel this. This is not beliefs or conditioning. This is a deep inner knowing which is verified as we connect to Source. The One. The All. Mankind will open to his truth as he surrenders unto Source. It is beyond the linear structures. It is our true resonance. And this truth will be known through vibrational verification. We will be and live from divine truth as it is revealed unto us. Which comes from vibrational alignment. We align with the All. Source is not control. Source is not religion. Source is beyond spirituality. Source is. We are source. When we fully awaken to this all else will fall to the wayside. As we become that which we already are, consciously. Let the truth of light be known.

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