Recalibration of the Carnal Structures


It’s totally ok to be your authentic self. How many times have you put up with somethings or someone’s energy because you have to or society conditions you to do so? It’s totally ok to say “No, I won’t tolerate any longer that which perturbs my vibration”. Be authentic. It’s real. It’s truth. It is liberation.

The human vessel is undergoing vibrational restructuring. Source is evolving us into the pure light that we are. Your true vibration must be able to roam freely beyond restraints and controls. The old ways are no longer fitting within the ascending light matrix. Your vessel is expanding and recalibrating as love and truth being the primary frequency. You do not have to harness or tolerate. Be free in your vibration. You can no longer carry. It’s not about waiting for a magical fix to heal and align you. Ascension unlocks and reveals the truth of you as your true resonance.

This does not lay On top of the old vibrational garment. For it cannot. It is time to stand in your true radiance. That which knows only positivity. Source frequency is continuously recalibrating and assisting your light evolution. Your part is to allow the overturning, the over- tuning, the vibrational restructuring. That which comes up as resistance let it go. It shows itself as it is the remnant energy that needs to be released. It pushes against the positive and weighs down your frequency. Peace, love, silence, stillness, harmony – all of these and more make up the true light that you are.

Allow the unfolding. Be still and know as your true light is revealed. And if this means you are guided to release from density and those vibrations that bring you out of alignment then those energetic chords will be released. Ascension requires conscious vibrational participation and there may be some “earthly” aspects to deal with. This is our part to play and we can rest in the knowing that we are fully supported every step of the ascending ladder. At times the shifting can feel like the world is on your shoulders and there is seemingly no way out.

Trust in Source. It will show you vibrational misalignment. And there will be physical sensations and physical actions you are required to make for these adjustments to take place. Do not let your heart way heavy. Allow the love and light of the One to show you as it will through vibration in the physical. It is ever working to move you to your eternal bliss. Aligning with your  true divine design”.

Archangel Metatron –

“What you may term as Ascending Vibrational restructuring is not layered upon the old vibrational patterning. There is an overturning and recalibration of the physical energy in order to align with the true eternal light. A rebirthing – and the mechanics of this can push the physical vessel to its “apparent” limit where there must then be a great trust and surrendering into the unknown – Mankind will release from this “carnal” limitation only when he fully surrenders unto the great unknown that will then, in this action of divine surrender, become known”.

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