Let your burdens and troubles release now;

As you bathe in the pure bliss of light;

Let all of the turmoil dissolve now;

As like day you become one with the night;


Let the glory of love shine upon you;

Allowing the mind to be still;

Knowing you are part of the Cosmos;

Divine love, Divine light, Divine will;


Let your Heart’s expansion embrace you;

As the light fills your vessel with Glee;

Knowing that you are united;

Unified as One eternally;


Let not your fears deter you;

Or the mind play its tricks and divide;

For nothing outside of the truth now;

Within your vessel so pure can reside;


Much vibrational work undertaken;

Aligning your vessel with light;

Divine love and Purity igniting;

As your vessel begins to take flight;


Up into the arms of the Cosmos;

Into the light of the All;

Embracing the truth of the eternal;

For you are as One with the ALL. 

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