Raising Vibration

The key for us is to Raise our own Vibration to match the Vibration of the One Source frequency and then what occurs is Joy Harmony and Love. This is why we feel such Bliss in that moment of Connection as we become One in frequency.  We must know the simplicity of this connection. In Raising our Vibration Higher to that of unburdened Bliss , Harmonious Balance would ensue – Unified Consciousness meaning the same Consciousness that pulses through each vein . Each Heart.

We become Connected in Unison with the same current , wave and frequency with the One. It’s all in the Vibration. And you Feel it and you know how it Feels and so make this the set programmed electro wave of your vessel. If we continue to hold on to our old energetic matrix we will continue to be within that old energy matrix.

When we are ready to fully surrender and release all of ourselves and that which No longer serves us , whatever that may be, we begin to move into divine alignment. With that our energy crystallised matrix begins to become empowered as it feels the mental, emotional and 3D pain body releasing and surrendering.

Our energy immediately begins to alter as old mind mapped patterns and behaviours are literally dissolved from our energy matrix as we begin to move up and out. To ascend we must be prepared to release that from within ourselves on every level. Every level.

Lower vibrations cannot ascend. The coding and vibration of ascension is that of higher light, higher energy higher resonance. In turn this brings great shifts within us on every level. Behold your release. Surrender to the divine within you. Let him or her spring forth in unison with the empowered light of the One. Embrace your divine coding. For no longer can we be from a low vibration. As that vibrational state cannot ascend.

Hindering our growth to the light. Be the light that you are. Allowing your physical vessel to release, all game playing released, all anger, hatred, jealousy, resentment, all releasing and dissolving. For it plays no part in your onward transmission into the light ascending. The light vibrations will enable you as you begin to come into alignment to no longer harbour these lower frequencies. For it is all vibration and frequency.

Every thought you have is electrically charged vibration. You will begin to operate from an ON or OFF level. That is, something is either a “yes”positive vibration to you or a “no”negative vibration. You no longer will be interested in the lower vibrations or emotions within yourself or indeed what you feel from others. On or off. nothing more.

No involvement with the complex energy of the 3D linear mind set and old ways of being. It will no longer form part of you to wish to integrate or participate in lower vibrations. for you will be living from a higher energy resonance that just is unable to go back or return.

You are renewed in perfected light. Your true purity and divine coding.

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