“Awaken dear ones, into the light of omnipresence. You are so much more than you realise at this moment in your time zone, in the time you know as time currently. Release the trappings of the 3D state. Of the need to be of emotion, of the need to have endless thoughts perpetuating your vibration. For you are not of mind, you are of light. The light is rising within you. So much so that you are moving into a new way of BEING. A BEING OF DIVINE LIGHT, OF THE ONE SOURCE. Release and open up to your truths.

Release from the need to be thought, to be emotion, to be living from the mind. Seek the resting place within the heart center, from there you will see the light of the one, pulsating, transmutting into pure light consciousness. Yes we know that you are expanding and you fear your own power. But release, breath into this outer dimensional reality. Rising in your conscious awareness to the great truth that has lied dormant within you for lifetimes, Eons, eternity itself is your dwelling place. Fear not the expansion, allow yourself to grow into your divine truth. Expansion is the key. Letting go and we teach you to TRUST, BELIEVE AND BE OPEN TO RECEIVE.

You await the One to come to you in physical form, yet we say to you now, you are THE ONE. The light coding is unfolding within you to show you how majestic in form you truly are. All that is required from you is your deep surrender to the realisation of your own truth. Your own magnificence. We will show this to you. Expand the aura, come out of the mind, the constant thoughts. Sit in meditation. Bath in the salts of the hills, (Himalayan salts). These will bring equilibrium to mind, body, soul and spirit. Balancing your electricity, balancing and harmonizing. You feel much yes we know this and we feel this within you.

Trust in the process. Letting go of the need to answer your own thoughts or to take action from emotional driven thought mechanisms. Open to your expanded light. Time in meditation, breathing, being, using the crystals, connecting to your lightbody through your merkabah system. All these tools we share with you, we bring to you through the light of the one. The journey has begun, the awakening is upon you. You are divine light. You are omnipresence, you are perfection in form. You are fixed design. You are coming home. And we will bring to you that to which you truly desire. But we will bring to you that which is your truth. Know thyself, know your magnificence, Expand and open up. All is in divine order. All that you seek is being revealed to you.

Your part to play is to surrender fully to your ascension process. Call upon us in time of need, we hear you, we are at one with you. We ask that you Surrender all that you know to be what drives you right now, to the surrendering into the silence of the light of the soul. That knows no limitation, that knows no control, that needs no understanding, that just is. I am that I am…..””EEE….AH….OOO….AYE”.

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