Metatronia Metatation

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I have been asked by a couple of students recently who have hearing impairment how they can benefit from Meditation. With Metatronia Therapy there is “Vibrational Meditation”. This means that the hearing is not required. There is no need to have to hear any music or follow any recording. When the symbols are invoked (drawn in the mind’s eye) or the words of the symbols spoken out loud, or through a distant healing session, the vibration begins to bring in the divine light codings that bring the recipient deep relaxation vibrations. A whole new level of experience opens up in the silence, as this is a destination that those who hear are actually striving to reach! There is much that occurs when we link into the silent light codings. In our internal world we open up to the Eternal. 

We begin to link into the divine light codings above space and time. For all is perfect, in divine order, no separation, all is complete and whole. Beyond what we may see as a physical impairment we can tap into the truth of who we are, and this is beyond any measure and judgement. For the Creator sees you as divine, unique and perfect. Through this experience of Source we are able to unite with the All and are able to feel that there is no hindrance or obstacle that cannot be overcome”.

So we bypass the obstruction of not being able to hear, opening up to the wonders of the universal energies that are able to work on any level. So there are no obstacles. If anyone who has hearing impairment/deafness and would like to experience a free distant Metatronia healing session then please email me at

This free session does not include feedback but a review from the recipient on their experience would be very welcoming. We are opening up to a whole new level of being and receiving of the light of the One. There are no barriers.  Once you email a date and time will be set up for this session.

Metatronia Metatation recordings are available from the shop page.

Silence is golden.

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