Letting Go

We are light, we are divine spirit, we are moving from the separation back into the light, belonging to the oneness of all that is…do not fear this, this is who we are. As we begin to let go, and LETTING GO is a key part of this transition, we begin to realise that that which we fear, that which we constantly worry over, that which makes us anxious, is just emotion and the mental body’s ongoing reaction to the separation we put ourselves into. This is beginning to cease. We are finding the energies working with and for us more and more, we are feeling this so much more, we are embracing this, and working with this, as our light strengthens. Know that you are divine, you are grace and you are love…you are not giving up anything or losing anything you are gaining so much, you are reconnecting to all that is, coming back to the one consciousness, which is the knowing of the energies all around you, we are apart no more, the connection is made, the love pours through and our part is to OPEN, BELIEVE, TRUST AND BE OPEN TO RECEIVE.

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