Az-Ore-Ra Sacred Lightbody Spray

Az-Ore-Ra Clear bottle 2016 2.jpg?146469

AZ-ORE-RA© – Sacred Lightbody Spray – BOTTLED FROM SOURCE

Shake it to wake the alchemy! Little gold nuggets and divine essences unite to make up this exquisite spray. The Az-Ore-Ra lightbody essence spray is created to assist not only the Human Vessel/body but the lightbody light frequency integration. This Divine, quintessential ”Ora” spray is designed to assist the integration of the One Light Evolutionary Codings into the human form.

“The human vessel requires the assistance of the Elemetal light codings, Gold especially, and this is given in its earthly physical form within this energy spray. The gold awakens and aligns the deep divinity and Source energetic matrix that is within each and every living soul, bringing you to that place of divine serenity and peace. The alchemical structures of this vibrational spray work from the higher light plateau bringing this frequency into the human physicality”.

Cost £16.99 – purchase available via shop page –

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