Alice Bailey Books

Link to All Alice Bailey’s books. When you read some of these books you will come to the realization that “there is indeed nothing new under the Sun”. That a lot of what is out right now is not new and that it has been known for Eons! Take a read of her books. Many have followed her inate direction and guidance, many have copied and taken as their own, but ultimately it matters not. What matters is that this information was available to mankind in early 1920s and even before that. We wake up to the realisation that all this information, even stuff coming to the forefront today, has been written about or known in the past. This may open your eyes to the bountiful magnificence that we are all so divinely part of, and that it is not new, but guidance from the ancients/Elders/the ALL! In order for us to ascend and raise in consciousness we must allow ourselves to be open to the ALL, however that springs forth within us/to us. What we then become from divine surrender is awakening to the fact we are part of a higher and divine plan and order, that has never changed, what alters is our perception and consciousness, into the divine reality, that all is one, one is all, in unity, in love, in simplicity, in trust. However we glamorise ascension, ultimately the simple truth lies in the fact that we are all part of this divine plan and order and above all there lies a deep and divine resonance, the light of the One, the Creator, that governs all above and beyond the human, carnal, limited structures. There is a light within us that is part of the all, part of eternity, part of the universal divine plan and order. Much of this we will never fathom, as it just is, we just become, above and beyond any fathoming or measuring and this, perhaps is part of the great mystery. You already are!”.

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