“It can be difficult and a little strained sometimes dealing with some energies around us. The resolution comes when living and being from vibration of love. Be in your vibrational alignment.

Sometimes our emotional guidance system can alert us to when something just doesn’t feel right or when it is time to let go. It will always serve you well, always.

The higher our vibration is lifted the more we will feel the dense vibrations as misaligned frequency. Our vessel is designed to be from love, honesty, truth and divinity. Anything outside of these higher frequencies we begin to feel out of sorts. Our Vessel is rather like an antenna, anything lower than the divine design frequencies/vibration, we become alerted and feel mis-aligned.

Some relationships can become strained. These sorts of relationships are very dense and can be extremely draining. When we are faced with this, sometimes the best guidance is to let go and just bring in that divine flow, even if it means cutting ties. Opening ourselves so that we can be freed of that which brings density and misalignment. When the heart weighs heavy this is often a sign that something requires releasing so that the vessel (body) can become aligned.

Vibrational alignment is key to ascension. Honesty with the self is equally important, and that which ways you down, is false, forced or dense, does not serve your vibrational alignment process. Rise up, rise out, rise above and let go of that which no longer serves. Listen to your vessel – the emotional guidance, it will always serve you well.

“That which is not within your vibrational aligned sphere will be let go of and removed so that your energy becomes freed up, no longer weighed down by falsety. The Emotional guidance system, that links into the heart’s energetic mapping, is a divine system that will alert you to that which should be released, or at least, attention not being given to such events that weigh down vibration or cause turbulence. Honesty, truth and love are keys to vibrational alignment”.

We find ourselves in a state of vibrational alignment that is more fitting and is exactly that, in alignment, in divine order. We no longer are able to carry or hold that which weighs down our frequency. Bringing vibrational alignment is key. When we release that which no longer serves this is when we begin to feel the beauty of simplicity in being, as we are so divinely designed to be.

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