“Above all be your authentic self, for anything layered on top of what is authentic is bound to only crumble. Divine truth lies in authenticity. It can be no other way. For only truth flows as Source, Only Source flows as truth”.

“You remember the structure of an esoteric school. There is something in those that create a magnetic attraction. Now you come in with a dual nature. Part of you is attracted to some of the ideas. Part is repelled. There should be some discomfort at the physical level – nausea, vertigo, apprehension, stupefaction. I don’t know what the last one means. This is natural and the closer that you come to an esoteric school there is a part that is attracted and a part that is pulling away. Can’t be any other way. It has to be like that because the elements that keep you in the sleeping state begin to work so you don’t go into the waking state. The closer you come to the waking state, the more that they confabulate. If you want to find a useless school in that it won’t help you to wake up, find one in which you feel completely comfortable.” –  Teachings of a Toltec Survivor – Koyote the Blind.

“If something is stretching you, beyond your boundaries and comfort zone, then this is here to show you all of who you are, without limitation. It is surely assisting you in more ways you could ever imagine. You may wish to retract at times, hide away, stop, go back to before, but that is not possible. You are here to experience all of who you are, your true magnificent, divine structure. So go with it, bend, flow, expand, evaporate, dissipate, go beyond limits, for you are just that, in your true form, beyond limitation”.

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