I am sure many will agree that it has been a very energetically tense time of late. My feelings for this on a personal level are that we are being brought into a time where we are able to view ourselves how we used to be, and are seeing how the old ways are no longer fitting into the pieces of the new jigsaw puzzle that are slowly but very surely piecing together. The old vibrations cannot sit or take form in the new light arena that is unfolding within and around us. It has felt for me of late that every stone is being unturned, every fragility is being let go of, and we are shown that these old ways especially how we “use our thought process” are no longer befitting in the new light arena. So we literally down tools, and stop and allow the vibrational untanglement of the very thread of our existence, so that we can become entwined within the divine light threads that are shifting and moving us to higher and greater conscious awareness of the absolute divinity that we are and that surrounds us.

“Oh fragility release, as you awaken to the All;
Releasing one by one, that which no longer serves;
Embrace the light within, as the new codings are entwined;
Releasing from the doings, from the thoughts and from the mind;
Embrace what is becoming, that is occurring naturally;
In the light you are evolving, becoming One, Eternally;
Dwell not on how you will embark, or what shall to become;
Only to know, that soon, all fragmentation is becoming ONE;
Throughout space and time, there is universal plan and order;
Throughout your heart and mine, there has been much chaos and disorder;
As the surrendering begins and there is releasing to the All;
You will find within your very being, the greatest gift of ALL”.

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