Inner Silence


“I don’t want to talk;

I don’t want to debate;

I don’t want to fathom;

nor cogitate;

I don’t want to seek;

or look to find;

I want to let go;

of the cogs in my mind;


To rebirth in the new;

The simplicity of all;

No longer to be blinded;

Trying to unravel the ball;


I was lost in the Abyss;

of all that I think;

was truth up to now;

in the books, in the ink;


Written over time;

as I have sought to find;

Going round in circles;

the loops in the mind;


No longer to fathom;

No longer to seek;

But to know of the One;

Through the heart and it’s beat;


In the silence of knowing;

and the stillness of being;

The truth of the divine;

I awaken, am seeing;


No more must I wonder;

No more must I roam;

For in simplicity in being;

I feel, I am home”

Tammy L Majchrzak

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