As a Child

A new living life sees awe and wonder in the world. Babies, Children, when you look into their eyes you can see the simplicity in the vibration they are living from. Beaming out love and wonder. They are exploring and uncovering the beauty that lies all around. They beam love from within as they know no other way. They are simply being. As we grow older we seem to lose the awe and wonder as we gaze upon the world, often drudging through thick mud as we move through each day. We carry, we are burdened, we are heavy, we are density. The key for us is to feel the awe of the child, feel the wonder of the child again, that we once were, and still are, just in a bigger body! Feel the simplicity of being, see the love and magnificence in just being. Look out at the many wonders around you, that the world is and has for us, perhaps there are some things that occur and make it not so rosy a place, but when everything is stripped back, when we are, just being, we will once again live simply as love, divine love, without the burdens of life upon our shoulders. A child is free, a child is light, a child is unburdened, a child sees delight, in all things. Be like the child.

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