It is not that you have limited consiousness, your consiousness is fully expanded and part of the Whole, and beyond limits/beyond measure. What is perhaps limited is your understanding of how magnificent your consciousness is and what it can do, what it is opened to, what it fully is and what it is part of. So let go of the limitations you bestow upon yourself and open yourself up to the true magnificence and magnitude that you are. Living from limitation only serves to keep you from divine truth. Allow yourself the beautiful journey of expansion and self realisation that lies beyond the boundaries that you have placed around you.  The world is not how you perceive it to be from a limited perspective. The world, the universe and all that resides within is all part of the Great Mystery, the Great Truth and Magnificence.  It is only you that places limits and falsety upon yourself. Open to the grace and truth of the all for there is a power and light beyond all measure that you are a part of, that is actually who you are. Why would you therefore choose to live through limitation?.

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