Recalibration & Alignment

I see Source connection and the ascending/awakening/alignment journey Kind of like this.

Imagine you have been living your life up to now on a level that shall we say has you plugged into an iPad! A small computer that kind of does the job but has limits. When you open to source that Ipad is rebooted and becomes the most power computer you could ever imagine possible! You find yourself at the helm of divine omnipresence – beyond measure- beyond restrictions.Beyond limits. Instant downloads with rapid memory/RAM capability. No limitations! So would you therefore stick with your old iPad? Struggling and coping in a limited existence?  You are beyond limits. You have access to this right now. Expand your memory. Open to divine truth that is stored inside of you as part of your internal, eternal rhythm and makeup. Expand into the all – oh infinite Being. Lift the veil on the restrictions you hold in place. Release from identity. Open to the all. Beginning with a conscious acceptance that you are far greater than what you may currently believe you are. Open the gates……to the eternal. The light will guide you…yes you will journey, expand, release some more, align, expand and then……well you will see! Open unto your eternal light. It’s time to update, Reboot and recalibrate. Your old server requires updating. So that you have infinite access to the all. Your system is rebooting and realigning so that you function at your optimum level. You are being literally recycled! Out with the old…. Don’t resist. Things alter and change and we are evolving….time to let go of the old mechanisms. Are you ready?…….

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