One Light


The One light works through electromagnetic frequency. A very high frequency so pure and so fine and divine. The key for mankind is to raise his own vibration to match the vibration of the One Source frequency and then what occurs is joy harmony love abundance alignment equilibrium. All of these things. This is why you feel such bliss in that moment of connection as you become one in frequency like a radio wave. A harmonic frequency, light coding electrical waves pulse through you unhindered by the lower frequency. Every thought is electricity.

The higher the electricity the higher the vibration the higher the resonance the stronger the light connection. In unison- mankind can and must work in unison to be the higher vibration and in doing so the electromagnetic current feeds and heals the world upon which is lived and which is so loved.

This is the key revealed to mankind at this time . Albeit it is not new. It is ancient coding. Ancient guidance. It will and does not alter. It is mankind’s instruction for rebirth and renewal at a level of understanding that is open to you all right here right now. It is all in the electromagnetic waves. It’s application is simple in its form. The difficulty perhaps lying in the understanding of being lighter and higher in vibration. Release, surrender, expand. Trusting.

The One light coding is all around, within, without, in abundance it is within all things. It is felt as vibration. It nourishes, rejuvenates, brings  “light streaming forth into the hearts of men”.

It is what beats the human heart, ignites the vessel/body, electrifies the soul and spirit of all. It is eternal. It is omnipresence. It is the light that lights all things. It is the bearing in the heart , the pulsing in the blood, the source that feeds and brings life to all things. Mankind must know the simplicity of this connection.

In raising his vibration higher to that of unburdened bliss , harmonious balance, releasing g of self preservation and self importance. Unified consciousness meaning the same that pulses through each vein . Each heart. Connected in unison with the same current , wave and frequency with the One. It’s all in the vibration. And you feel it and you know how it feels and so make this the set programmed electro wave of your vessel.

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