Metatron’s Light

We are reminded that when we work with Metatron’s light codings through Metatronia Therapy we will be brought into our divine alignment. This is not a simple and easy process. There is work that we will have to do on a 3D earthly level. The journey can at times be uncomfortable as we move through these shifts. I receive a lot of emails from some amazing people that just don’t see their own true light and their divine gifts.

Metatron assists them every step of the way. When they are feeling trapped in control mechanisms. There is no higher light order within the universe than the light of the One through Metatron. It will shift you and release you, transport you into higher ways of being and part of this journey is the awakening and shifting into your soul’s divine alignment.

This can mean an uncomfortable journey with regards to how the shifts occur. For me i remember back in 2010 hearing these words “If you are not going to move then we will move you”…and so “they” did. Work at that time was becoming unbearable. I couldn’t function in a low 3D vibration anymore or the controls and limited vibration of the 3D office environment and the people around me. I knew a shift was coming on some level but I was so scared to take the “plunge”. i know now looking back and can laugh at it all, that the universe was assisting me in shifting. But it couldn’t make the actual physical shift for me as that was for me to do.

Things got so unbearable that i just got up one day and said to myself, there has to be another way and i fully surrender. i handed in my notice and never looked back. I had no clue as to what was going to open before me (Metatronia Therapy) at that time, but i knew something was occurring as i could feel it on a very deep and subtle level.

I trusted, i left that which was causing me angst and fear and surrendered to the Universe, through Metatron, to bring me to where i needed to be. It is not an easy step. this is just my journey. but i am sharing it here with you so that you can see that there is work we need to do on a 3D level to assist ourselves in the shifting and alignment process. many are experiencing fear, anxiety, burdening, problems at work, not feeling they can go on and not able to cope. Trust in the process. Much is occurring.

We are not here to suffer or carry the weight and burdens of others. If we begin to trust and believe in the outer dimensional reality and that we are assisted every step of the way, there would be many people who to, will take that plunge and step and trust in the process of being moved into their divine aligned state.

This is just my journey. But the mechanisms are the same. We often will be brought to bended knees before we fully surrender. Metatronia Therapy opens us to divine light codings that will bring us into our harmonised, aligned state. This is something we have to trust in. It is a beautiful divine process and one where we may never fully understand the “mechanisms” but we know that it happens.

Metatron doesn’t use words as words can often be misinterpreted. Through the language of light codings we feel his presence and his divine light shifting us. Through the words listed here there is light coding coming to each and every one of you to assist you wherever you may be on your journey of light ascension. Today, hand over all that you no longer require, all the thoughts, fears and worries. For you are being lifted to a higher order of being, a higher resonance. Trust in the divine light of the One. It will always bring us to where we need to be.

Your part in this journey is to trust, believe and be open to receive, and surrender all that you currently believe to be your reality, with no controls, no burdens, no blockages and no restraints. For you were born to fly. That is your birthright.

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