Ways of Light


The times that you feel you are alone, are the times when we are most strongly with you. You do not journey alone. We guide you to expand through the light within and around yourself to move out of the old ways of being. You are a divine being of light. Much is occurring around you. The light shines so bright within you, if only you would see. When you are in the peace and still vibration of your heart rhythm great connection occurs within yourself. For you are free. You are free to release yourself from any ties that bind you. To remove yourself from any energies that are not in alignment with your alignment! Free to lift up and out of old ways and old patterns. 

These are not new words. The ways of the Light are ancient and divine. There may be many roads to travel. Many journeys to endure. Many emotions to feel. Many experiences to experience. The light glows within you. An omnipresent friend and companion that lifts you to higher ways of being. Know your light. Feel your light, be your light. Freedom is within you. Release the need to run the old patterns. Take today as a brand new day and breath in. Allow the breath to expand your being, as the light is upon you. The light protects and nurtures you. 

The light uplifts your soul. The great connection you have that is and always has been within you. For you are not and are never alone.  Be at one within yourself. Allow the peace of the heart rhythm in unison with the divine breath you take every second of every second of every day. Expand, lift up, ignite the fire within you. Feel your own power and light within. For emotions are vibration, electricity, light, energizing and running through you. Thoughts are equally the same. 

The higher the thoughts, the higher the vibration/electricity that runs through you. For when you are low you are low, for when you are in a higher vibration your energy, thoughts and emotions are bringing you to your true aligned state. Know this and feel this. Words are words, but feeling is feeling. Feeling is truth. Feel your aligned state. A magnificent balance and harmonious state/stasis. You know how you feel when something knocks you out of alignment. You have a remarkable tool within you. 

Your Emotional Guidance System. If something feels right it is a positive vibration/positive electricity. If something knocks you out of sorts/ out of your alignment then it is a negative vibration/negative feeling. So to be in your aligned state of harmonious balance brings greater connection to the light. Through Metatron’s guidance and vibration we are made aware that these are great keys to follow. To be in our aligned state as much as we can. For the body “learns” and remembers feelings and sensations. The body is brought into a state of great harmony. This positive state sends a ripple/wave throughout the human form that it remembers. This is your true aligned state. This cannot be done for you. It is a state of being. A way of living, a way of remembering who you are. 

“As a ripple on the sea, the wave of light encompasses thee,

Know this light and wave it brings, alignment sought, the soul it sings,

Within yourself you feel the peace, the harmony, joy and great release.

As a ripple on the sea, the wave of love engulfs thee,

Bringing you the  higher light, cease the struggle, cease the fight.

The wave of love and light will bring, great vibration, remembering,

As a ripple on the sea, the light it brings great joy to thee,

Feel the balance, feel the silence, feel the peace and feel the vibrance,

Oh great Beings of the light, cease the struggle, cease the fight.

Allow the light to bring to thee, balance, joy and harmony.

For the journey starts within, through the trust and through the spin, of great light codings brought to thee,

Oh great Being of eternity”.



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