Being a Being

There comes a point in our lives when we realise that when we just BE…being a BEING just being…then we open ourselves to the light of the One. Embracing in the purity of the stillness of thought where we are once again in that silent place that has been with man since time began. We live in a society presently where there are many diverse energies that affect our day to day vibrations.

When we tune into the sound and stillness of the great silence within us we are at one with all that is. Release the mind from the constant thought process. Metatron guides us today, as he always has, to find this still sanctuary within ourselves. Where are just a BEING being! Then what occurs are great synchronised events that seem to just spring upon us, often many magnificent happenings and events. Just trust. Trust, believe and be open to receive.

For it is all about vibration and energy. Energy is vibration, vibration is energy. You are energy, you are vibration and in this knowing that your thoughts affect your emotions, that affect your vibration that affects your energy, that affects the level of light that is flowing within you. Lift up, raise up, lift out, expand and feel the vastness of your own divine presence. For you are eternal Beings. Enjoy the stillness of thought as much as you can, and in that stillness you are one with all that is.


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