Lightbody Beckoning

luz 5

Light up light up! Come up to the light….your lightbody beckons you to come up and match the frequency. How? you may ask? By letting go, surrendering and releasing the constant lower vibrational mind set of constant thought process. The thoughts that lower your vibration or keep you in a circle of emotional turmoil….

Lift up lift out up to the light, embrace the divine light that raises your frequency. Your part is to match this divine christ frequency of light by trusting and letting go. All the little things, that perhaps cause you angst…let them go, let them flow free, released from you, like a feather floating upon a river. 

For your light is anew, fresh and vibrant within your lightbody…match like with like we are guided today….do not work or fight against but surrender and settle your thoughts. 

Release the constant fight and struggle, for in the mind it causes muddle. 

Embrace the lightbody frequency, surrender, let it come to thee.

The key – to release the lower vibrations, uplift your heart to the light of rejuvination.

Lift up, lift out, let your heart sing, as the soul is now remembering.

Cease the fight and let the mind be free, for in this freed, clear, silent space is eternity!

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