Jacob’s Ladder

As we ascend we journey on up the ladder of light. One rung at a time. Each step opening us, expanding us, lifting us, higher and higher. For we cannot carry the burdens we so carry, each of us, in energetic form, holding on to the past, keeping that blanket of security we feel we need from our emotions/experiences. Some serve us well, others not so well. We cannot carry these burdens as we step up each rung of the ladder. 

We must trust in the great unfolding, unravelling, releasing of all that we believe we are at this moment, into the truth unveiling within us as we step higher and higher with each small but magnificent step. We trust as we move higher. We unburden and unfold to our truth that light which lies within us. Our new garment of light is being created with each moment that passes that we are more and more in light. The light is the fabric, the trust we have is the silk that binds the garment together.

Majestically weaving as we trust and move higher. Creating our new Oneness with the garment which lifts us to the higher realms and higher consciousness of Being. Trust in the process for we are unable to shift higher if we are so burdened by the past or holding onto the lower vibrations. It is just not possible.

Through our conscious expansion, letting go, releasing and unburdening that higher garment is created and purified, bringing us to the higher light resonance and higher consciousness that brings us oh so much closer to our true resonance.

For we are vibration and the higher vibration beckons each of us to be in that place of higher light so that we can experience our ascended state. The bliss, the peace, the love, the purity, the harmony, the completeness and our true aligned state of being.

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