Simplicity in Knowledge

The key is in the simplicity of the knowledge that we are part of a higher vibration. The key is in the knowledge that we are part of something amazing that has been occurring since time itself began. The key is in the knowledge that with our conscious surrender and knowing of this greater higher beautiful divine light, that we are lifted up on our Ascending path of light, where we move into the awakening within ourselves to the higher light vibration.  Where we surrender to the Light of the One Source, connecting as one with the Creator, that we become as One.  The Key is so simple in form, that we are aware, we surrender, we are consciously moving ourself up through the layers of light so that we become so free and so simple in thought, word and deed, that we are One with all that is.   For there are no complications, there are no doubts, there is just the knowledge of this divine connection.  That our earthly life is just that, a time here on earth. The key is in our surrender to our ascension path, lifting up higher to be as one with the One.  So find peace in the simplicity of this.  The greater light pulses through you and is with you always.  Let the struggle cease and the light open fully unto you as you surrender unto the Light of the One.  Where you are as One, and have been always.  There is perhaps just a little more trust required in this divine process. As you allow yourself to fully awaken to the Light, once again.

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