Time of Creation

Waste not one moment. Each moment is a time of creation. A time of positive vibration. Feel how you feel when you are elated, and in a positive vibration. That positivity pulses through you, unhindered. Feel how you feel when your energy is low, how hindered you feel. The more you are able to be from the higher vibration, the easier it is for you to connect to the higher Source energy around you. Be the light. As much as you can. But without force, be flowing, gentle flow, like the river, flowing with grace and ease, being a being just being, in this very moment. For this is the moment of creation. Right here right now, and it passes, unseen, but felt as a positive energy pulsating, rippling through you. How at ease you feel in the times when your vibration is high. Notice and feel this lightness, this great creative connection. Notice how your thoughts flow easily, unhindered. As much as you can, be this ease, be in this space of contentment and at peace within yourself. Almost this nothingness feeling of grace, peace, lightness as if like a feather you float on the breeze. Not to practice, rather just to be…notice and be…and feel how you connect so easily when in this positive space.

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