Crystalined Matrix


So you are being brought into a new crystallined make-up/energy formation. You are asked at this time to trust in this process although you may feel very alone at times as the emotional, physical and mental bodies are and will pull against this evolutionary process as they work strongly to hold on to the control and the separated conscious beliefs that mankind has built up for himself, that has become his foundation. Your consciousness is being expanded so that you will be able to access higher vibrations and for these vibrations to be brought down and held within the physical form/vessel/body. This work has been ongoing for many lifetimes and mankind finds itself now in a time of great transition as the lightbody moves into the final stages of the crystallined energy formation. This will link it more closely with the energy grids around the Earth and within the Universe and make way for greater connection, greater energy, greater consciousness, greater synchronicity, greater alignment with One Source frequencies.

You are guided to trust, those of you that are working with this process and are feeling it. There is much occurring within your physical form and you are guided to live beyond this old way of being/old dimension of reality. You are being lifted up and out of the self into a new dimension that does very much exist, that and greater, higher levels of being within your dimensional/vibrational state.

You ask about Twin Flame. We guide you that this is not someone or something outside of yourself but the coming together of feeling great connection within yourself from your lightbody/celestial energy and the merging completely with your physical 3D body. Coming out of the 3D way of being of living in one separated existence. The Lightbody merging with the physical form so that the two are one. It is the coming together of these two energies, that of the soul and that of the physical form, that brings the balance and harmony that is required in order for you to feel the true energies of your divine self. This has not been possible on such a scale until now. This does not complete the work being done or experienced but is only the beginning of a magical new awakening for mankind and the Earth frequencies.

It is a coming together so that you are united with your soul, not battling and working against as two separate entities. That you are harmonized and brought together within yourself, the full acceptance of a living being and a spiritual/vibrational light being, one in the same. That you are not of separated consciousness but one with all that is. Bringing this all together to form the bridge back to the true one consciousness.

This coming together is vital and so many ask “How is this performed? How can I meet my twin flame? How can I join with my twin flame? The answer is simple. Your conscious participation in your ascension journey. Your trust and belief and wanting to raise your consciousness. The trusting in the divine process that is upon you now and being ready to fully let go, open and surrender.  Your willingness to accept and work with areas and limited beliefs systems within yourself that stops you from transcending.

Yes you can meet a physical representation of your Twin Flame as another separate being. This is possible and many have experienced this. But we share with you that your twin flame is an aspect of the one self, the one consciousness, the merging together of your 3D body/physical existence with that of your ethereal/lightbody existence. The coming together of the two parts of you that create the One Source connection. The one true vibration of the self. There is much work to do for this is not an immediate union. Your earthly body is required to make the conscious effort to expand in your thoughts, energy, and vibration. Working through and lifting up out of the separated consciousness to merge again with the union of the One source frequency. This is your true vessel, your true body, and your true form.

Do not fill your mind with the need to know exactly how this union can happen. Rather work to raise your consciousness with daily meditation, practice, and living from a new way of being. Coming out of the old and embracing the new. However and whatever form those practices take, the one and same main focus being that you are actively participating in raising your consciousness.

The separated consciousness of mankind that happened over many lifetimes created the gap in this union. The separation of the whole, the divide in the sacred union of the One Source Consciousness. Now you are being assisted in awakening and merging together to again connect with all parts of the you that create your true manifested form.

Much work to be done. Much work to raise your consciousness. Your conscious living, thoughts, ideas, energies all being altered from within the self with guidance from on high that supports you in every aspect and every part of this journey. If at times you feel you fail or go off track these are the times when we are most strongly with you. To help you to realise that it is your participation and belief that is required to make this union possible. It cannot and will not be done for you 

So we try as best as we can to form in words the ways to ignite this union of the twin flames being your earthly body with your celestial body of light. Awareness of your MerKaBah (Lightbody Vehicle System) is vital.  Your willingness to look at every parts of the self which perhaps reside on a lower frequency that no longer serves you perhaps from relationships, outside energies that limit your ascension process. If you are willing to participate in this, and every aspect of the self then the union will complete. 

The more simpler you are in thought, the more clear the mind, more living from the heart space and being more in this very moment rather than projection to tomorrow, a time that has not yet come to you and is not yours to concern yourself with or worry over, or worrying over the past, bringing back passed events which are just that, past. Whatever that event may have been, whatever the vibration of that event. We guide you to be in this present moment as greater connection and movement is felt in this “zone of purity”. The here, the now, this moment, which is your gift of creation. You cannot create from the past or create for the future but to focus now on the miraculous essence of this very moment. Great healing can occur for mankind within the mind and thought process if he heed brings himself into the full now moment. Many burdens will be instantaneously released. 

There is much work to do. It is ever continuous, a journey of many lifetimes for some but with the alterations in vibrational frequency and alteration to the lightbody that is forming into a more crystallined formation, will bring you a greater feeling, a greater experience. If you are open and willing to actively participate.

The merging can be felt not in an instant but in a gradual feeling of being very light. Of no torment within the mind, body and soul. Of great peace and harmony felt within you. The union of all that is. The harmony of heart and soul. The peace in mind and spirit. You no longer feel fragmented but feel whole. Both masculine and feminine vibrations are in union within you. For you become one with all that is. No gender, no divide, just one soul, one heart, one great divine being, one with all that is. Your coming into full alignment within the self so that you feel great peace and joy. This is achievable. So very achievable with your conscious participation to work to raise your frequency in line with joining that force which is already working so greatly for you.

Trust in that which is all around you. The times you feel tested are the times we bring to you the experience and situation that requires review. For you to no longer hide within the self but to be open to alter the vibration within and around you. This is not a comfortable ride. Mankind is in the middle of a great awakening. One that will continue but now being felt so very strongly and where guidance is brought to you to assist you in many ways. But ultimately it is for you to wake up and lift up and out of the lower vibration that has been your home for many lifetimes.

Many tools are brought to you for you to lift up and out. Many ways of altering your vibration are brought to you. For this cannot be done as we have said without your conscious participation and willingness to lift up and out of your stagnant self. Allow these energies to flow through you and allow yourself to once again connect to that which is your true way of being. Do not fear this process for each step of the journey however uncomfortable some moments may feel, are all to bring you to your true self.

Oh what great gifts await you. Oh such divine glories that can and will be felt within you. Trusting in that which you feel is outside of your grasp but is very much already within you. We are not separate from you for we are as one and we are working to guide you to know your true self. Your true divinity.

 Vibration, energy, feeling, moving, expanding, opening, uplifting, unburdening. Bringing yourself once again in alignment with one source frequency. Merging again with your Twin Flame within yourself. The union of that which once was whole now coming together again to be as one. This is the essence of your Twin Flame. It resides within yourself. There for the taking. If you are open to receive, and you trust and believe we will bring this to you but your active participation is required. This you know, this you feel. We honour all of you for the steps you take and the great belief that you have. For without this, none of this would at all be possible.

We bring you to your awakening. Are you ready?

Ser cristal 2

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