Expansion Meditation

For the last few days I have been very heady, not grounded and away out somewhere!! And I kept getting EXPANSION IS NECESSARY. So what does this mean? Here is something that I have just been doing and I have to say its fab! 

Stand up tall. Close your eyes. You will wobble but move about until you find a solid base/foundation. Your eyes must be closed. Now give yourself a few moments to balance, move around a bit until you feel comfortable, standing tall, eyes closed, now just relax. Awareness of your toes, feel them planted firmly and your feet firmly grounded into mother earth.

Above your head begin to visualize a silver ball, pure silver, feel its heaviness, feel its coolness; bring it down through the crown. Now send it to the parts of you that may have pain, neck, back etc., move it around that part, i.e. for me both sides of my neck, head eyes etc. Now allow the ball to move around, just forget about it. Now feel your head expanding, this is the expansion that is necessary, the Pineal gland is growing and causing eye/neck/head pain, the soul isn’t feeling it but the physical 3D body is. So alert the soul that you have this uncomfortable sensation, and call out EXPANSION 3 times. Either out loud or to yourself. Now. Begin to visualize your aura, Call in Metatron at this point just call his name. Your aura will begin to fill with divine colours, it just will do it, and you may see colours or feel colours/vibrations.

Visualize the aura moving out EXPANDING further and further, this is creating space around the 3D body so there is not so much pressure. Your hands can be just by your side away from the torso, just be light, just be there, just almost in limbo…you will go deep into trance, just allow it to be and you may feel heady again allow this to be…. then just allow yourself to be in that moment, no thoughts no actions etc. Stay as long as you like…its very blissful. This creates space/expansion in the celestial bodies and the physical body…these adjustments will help you to release tension and pain. Let me know how you go with it. 
This mediation exercise will help to ease fear, anxiety, lower frequencies, phobia, fear of leaving the house, isolation.  You will begin to embrace your life again fully, and allow yourself to blossom.

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