Lightbody Awareness

If you think of your body from the outside…from the aura first, the celestial bodies, see it flooding with the purest white light that permeates every part of you but bathes you in the most glorious white light of the highest frequency, then when you have visualized this white light all around your celestial body then see it pouring through the chakra openings along the spinal column, top of head, front and back of body, feet, knees, pelvis, hands, fingers, back of hands, see yourself completely enveloped in a beaming white light….and then just allow yourself to sleep……we focus so much on the physical body we ignore the outer/celestial/aura/light bodies, it is here we must now move our focus when healing…this is part of the energetic shifts in our consciousness, the universe working to help us see and understand that we must first heal the auric field, the energies around the physical form and then this healing will come into the physical form. If we continue to just heal the physical form, with medications through symptom diagnosis we will not reach the healing of the symptoms before they manifest into greater illness…this is the work coming to us now, for us to be open to it and use it, to spread the word and just be open…for this is what we must help others, especially those that are in high earthly authority such as governments/doctors etc. on the earth plane they must begin to see and allow this work to come into hospitals, medical centers, worldwide, global healing on a major scale is about to commence…more so than ever….so just be open and be a light and spread the word…this is coming….this is part of the grand shift, many years in the making, now coming to fruition.


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